Sales of second hand & new tank containers

We would like to focus ourselves more and more on the sales of second hand and new build tanks for 2019. In 2018 we have seen an increasing volume in the sales of new builds and we expect to have a monthly flow of new builds for 2019. We now have a batch of T 14’s MDI/TDI ISOPA tanks in production with a high spec and a new batch of T11’s 26.000 ltrs will be shipped out of Shanghai next week. Right now we have in stock a variety of 70 second hand tanks and for the new builds we have 30 x 31000 ltrs T11’s , 10 x 35000 ltrs baffled T11’s and 20 x 26000 ltrs T11’s. We just want to make sure that if you are in urgent need of tanks MTC can offer them! Looking forward to seeing you at our sales department. MTC Tank Container Services bv.

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Eric van Halewijn
Managing Director

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