Tank container heating

At MTC's Botlek site, we also have the ability to heat up products in tank container on its chassis. We have a lot of experience with the heating of products, so your goods are safe with us.

Electric, steam and hot water heating

Our heating services

By making use of our fully automated heating system, we can heat your product 24 hours a day to reach the needed temperature as soon as possible. Of course, our heaters are equipped with temperature controlled heating that automatically switches off when the product reaches the right temperature.

We offer different ways of heating such as heating with steam, hot water and electricity.

Container services

Interested in our services?

Looking for heating solutions? We can help you! Get in touch with us to request a quote and we are happy to help.

The MTC advantage

MTC is a full service provider since 1990, offering a one-stop solution for your tank container fleet. We continuously optimize our processes to ensure only the best quality, work as cost-efficient as possible, and make sure idle times of your tank containers is limited. We are an experienced partner with high service standards and a human approach.