Our Promise

At MTC Tank container Services we love challenges. Our team is day and night operational for repair and cleaning of your tank containers. Our processes are designed in such a way that the throughput time of tank containers is ameliorated. In everything we do, we try to keep the idle time as short as possible. With a versatile range of services at the Botlek and the Maasvlakte, we are an indispensable link within the port of Rotterdam.

As a modern organization, MTC is aware of its responsibility in the field of sustainability and the environment. We play an important role in industrial processes and our work is not without risks. At MTC we process and clean all the used rinsing water from the waste water treatment plant. Every day we strive to purify all water as well as possible and that is appreciated by our customers.


The repair process of your tank container starts with an estimate at MTC. After your agreement, we convert the estimate into a work order.

In the well-equipped workshops MTC then carries out the necessary repairs. We do this according to the criteria of the customer, but also according to the ITCO standard.

You can follow the status of our activities via our online portal. Good agreements about lead times for cleaning, drawing up the estimate and carrying out the repair ensure that your equipment can be used again as quickly as possible.

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MTC has a state-of-the-art cleaning station in the Botlek with 8 positions Chemistry unaccompanied, 4 positions for Chemistry and 2 for Food. We can also clean and steam kosher.

Last year we placed no less than 5 extra washing heads at 4 positions. This makes the washing process more efficient and faster, so that customers can have their equipment earlier.

In addition, MTC has 4 positions with a Latex unit. You are also at the right address for MDIs and TDIs. At MTC we love challenging cleaning jobs.

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Thanks to the excellent contacts within the industry, MTC always has a large stock of used tank containers that we buy and sell worldwide.

You can request a quote on this sales page or contact directly with an MTC employee. MTC has tank containers for food, feed and chemistry (IMO-0, IMO-1, IMO-2 & IMO-4).

We deliver all tank containers clean in accordance to your wishes. Do you have special requirements for a tank container? In our workshop we make tailor-made tank containers.

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Direct Contact

Please contact us

Eric van Halewijn
Managing Director

T: +31 (0) 10 416 2172
M: +31 (0)6 5330 6543
E: eric@mtcbv.com

Please contact us

Nando Potze
Manager Cleaning

T: +31 (0) 10 820 9212
M: +31 (0) 6 5726 6334
E: nando@mtcbv.com