MTC Tankcontainer Services appointed by JJAP as depot

We are more than happy to announce that MTC Tankcontainer Services has been appointed by Jiang Jing Asia Logistics Equipment ( JJAP) as the depot for their new builds arriving in the Port of Rotterdam. MTC will provide the depot services, inspections and modifications for JJAP and their customers.

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The first batch of JJAP will arrive in October this year at our depot. Eric van Halewijn, Managing Director of MTC Tankcontainer Services: “we are very proud that JJAP have chosen our location and services. Besides the huge volumes of repairs and cleaning of tank containers going through the depot we see our position in the sales of tanks growing every year. We truly hope to increase our position with the monthly delivery of new builds.” In general MTC has a stock of 80 till 100 new builds and second-hand tank containers.

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For more than 20 years JJAP supplies the ISO Tank Manufacturing Industry with components such as GRP Cladding, Rockwool, POU and walkway sections. During this period of time, JJAP retained more than 40% of the marketing share. In fact, most of the ISO tank customers will already have JJAP products on or in their fleets.

JJAP production facility, JJAP MTC Tankcontainers, JJAP Rotterdam tankcontainers

It will no doubt be surprising to most people that JJAP’s new factory and facilities for the ISO Tank Manufacturing have taken only 9 months to complete and commission. During this period of time JJAP built and installed one of the most advanced ISO Tank production lines in the world.

More information?
Are you interested in purchasing newly built of well-equipped second-hand tank containers? Please reach out to one of our colleagues for more information. At this moment we have 25 x T11’s 26000 ltrs in Stock. Next batch arrives in week 38 including the 31.000 ltrs.

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