The first batches of JJAP’s MDI/TDI tanks (according the ISOPA standard) and 26000 ltr T11 baffled tanks

MTC is proud to announce that their first batches of JJAP’s  24000 ltr MDI/TDI tanks and 26000 ltrs T11’s baffle tanks are on their way to our depot in Rotterdam. Are you interested, please have a look at the reports of Condaco who witnessed the whole process:

jjap t11 tank

You are welcome to visit us!

Would you like to inspect these tanks yourselves? The E.T.A. is the end of May. Please feel free to contact us to see JJAP’s quality with your own eyes. Besides these specials we also have a monthly flow of 26000 ltr T11’s, the next batch is expected in week 20. In stock we have 5 x 26000 ltrs T11 + 25 x 31000 ltrs.

Do you want to sell equipment?

We are buying worldwide and also big batches. Please contact us and we’ll make you a fair quote.

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