Idle time shortened with 25%

MTC Tankcontainers has recently invested in the purchase of new washing heads for the washing lanes. These lanes have been expanded from 3 spins to 5 spins per position. As a result of this investment the idle time has been reduced by no less than 25% for our customers!

Thanks to the automatic washing program and the possibility to dry in the same lane, a driver has less waiting time and you will have a clean container even faster.

Nando Potze, Manager Cleaning at MTC Tankcontainers: “In addition to the food tank cleaning lanes, we also have washing lines for chemical tanks. Our colleagues are of course well trained and in possession of the latest certificates. “

The big advantage is that the container does not have to be transported outside, but is dried in the washing line itself. This drying process only takes 10 minutes. Our “Clean Guard” solution also provides you insight into the performance of our washing lanes.

MTC Tankcontainers’ Cleaning division
Four years ago MTC started the “Cleaning” division. In 2017, more than 36,000 tank  containers (food & chemicals) were cleaned. On request, customers can also clean tank containers on Saturdays and Sundays. MTC is about to be HACCP-certified and can offer to clean the  containers in accordance with the strictest kosher standards.

At MTC we daily strive for the best result for our customers. Together with a team of experienced colleagues, we are able to handle a high number of food tank containers per day. “While waiting, the drivers can use our facilities and our colleagues are available for possible questions.

Speed, customer-friendliness, quality and safety are central to MTC,” says Nando.

Your options?
Curious about the options for your food tank containers? Please contact Nando Potze.

Written by Nando Potze, Manager Cleaning

Nando has been working at MTC Tankcontainers since 2017. His mission is to always deliver an  optimal performance for his clients, together with his team.

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Nando Potze
Manager Cleaning

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