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MTC Tankcontainer Services appointed by JJAP as depot

We are more than happy to announce that MTC Tankcontainer Services has been appointed by Jiang Jing Asia Logistics Equipment ( JJAP) as the depot for their new builds arriving … Continue reading

Demo tank

It took a couple of months but our demo tank is ready. It will be used  for our new employees but it also can be an opportunity for the staff … Continue reading

Driver terminals at MTC Tankcontainers

Last month we have put our  4 driver terminals into operation. In 7 different languages drivers can process their data in a user friendly way , which makes this a … Continue reading

The first batches of JJAP’s MDI/TDI tanks (according the ISOPA standard) and 26000 ltr T11 baffled tanks

MTC is proud to announce that their first batches of JJAP’s  24000 ltr MDI/TDI tanks and 26000 ltrs T11’s baffle tanks are on their way to our depot in Rotterdam. … Continue reading

Sales of second hand & new tank containers

We would like to focus ourselves more and more on the sales of second hand and new build tanks for 2019. In 2018 we have seen an increasing volume in … Continue reading

MTC Tankcontainers welcomes 30 college girls

This year the Dutch national expertise agency, the VHTO,  organized a technical summer camp at Shell Pernis for girls who are attending practical college (is VMBO in The Netherlands). During … Continue reading

Dutch Marines Rowing Challenge & MTC Tankcontainers

For 2 years now MTC Tankcontainers has been sponsoring the Dutch Marines Rowing Challenge (DMRC). This is an annual rowing competition is organized by former Marines. The DMRC collects money … Continue reading

Idle time shortened with 25%

MTC Tankcontainers has recently invested in the purchase of new washing heads for the washing lanes. These lanes have been expanded from 3 spins to 5 spins per position. As … Continue reading

Additional washing heads for our food and chemistry positions

It is already 5 years ago that MTC Tank Container Services opened the new location in the Botlek with a new cleaning station. We have 8 positions for chemistry unaccompanied … Continue reading

Barge quay fully operational

The exchange of large quantities of tank containers can be challenging in this busy market. MTC, in collaboration with RBC, offers a fantastic alternative: the delivery and removal of containers … Continue reading