The experienced staff of MTC realizes like no other that tank containers need to be serviced quickly and efficiently. All our processes are designed to increase the throughput of repaired and cleaned tank containers. In everything we do, we try to keep the idle time as short as possible.

In addition to cleaning & repair of tank containers, MTC offers an ADR-storage for loaded tanks. This facility is ideal for production companies that wish to receive tank containers in batches. Tanks are heated according to your wishes with steam and hot water. This working method ensures that you always have your tank containers at the right time and at the right temperature.

In collaboration with our neighbor RBC, we offer a water-based solution for tank containers. Customers can deliver their equipment via barge and are next transferred to our location with terminal tractors. This barge connection is unique for tank containers within the port of Rotterdam.

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About MTC

MTC Tank Container Services has been providing a complete service to operators and leasing companies since 1990. We do this from the heart of the petrochemical cluster in the Botlek in Rotterdam. Our full-service depot in the Botlek is 56,000 m². In 2017 MTC cleaned 36,000 units and repaired 16,500 tank containers.

Customers praise us for the versatile range of repair and cleaning services and the multimodal access to the terminal. At MTC we do not rest before the work is done perfectly. We go for the best, every day.

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Latest news

MTC Tankcontainer Services appointed by JJAP as depot

We are more than happy to announce that MTC Tankcontainer Services has been appointed by Jiang Jing Asia Logistics Equipment ( JJAP) as the depot for their new builds arriving in the Port of Rotterdam.

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